Bitterness Poem: Why be Bitter?

There is no need to get yourself upset.Unknown-3

I have found not to be intimately upset anymore.

Especially over things that you have no way any control of.

People you will find have strange behaviors.

So many have their ways that will cause tears.

To fall from your eyes and continuously pour.


By: Alex R.

Poetry Imitation: Caged Croaks


A locked frog croaks

on the top of a rock

and sits in the cage

till cage is opened

and dips his legs

in the dark knight

and dares to see light.


But a frog that stalks

down his caged holeUnknown

can seldom see through

his veins of rage

his ears focused on sound

never getting to see the outside world.


By: Alex R.


Week 5: Favorites; Trip

My favorite trip that I have been on was when I went to Australia. My mom, dad, brother, and I took a double decker, 15 hour flight to Brisbane, then two hour flight from Brisbane to Alice Springs. In Alice Springs we drove to Uluru Rock and drove around the big red rock and saw something like 30 waterfalls going down the rock because it had just rained.



After that we took a flight to Daintree (A rainforest). We spent a few nights their and saw a lot of cool animals like Monkeys, Koalas, Kangaroos, and Dingos. We had such a fun time and I hope I get the chance to go again!



Earth Hour 2015

My thoughts on Earth Hour are fond of what the whole world is doing to Earth. Everyone from around the world turn their power off at 8:30 till 9:30 on March 28th and they must create their own power and not use generated power from machines. All trying to help control climate change and help the environment. I will use my POWER and take shorter showers, watch less TV, and most importantly play outside more. What will you do?!?



Normal Eiffel Tower, Eiffel Tower on Earth Hour

I Speak Good Every Night

I always enjoy book discussions. If it’s a book that you genuinely like, it can be interesting and have the ability to flow just like any other normal conversation. Those are the good ones. Today’s literary discussion was one of those good ones. When you’re discussing a book, lots of questions, inferences, predictions, and opinions come to the surface. Today, I saw Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris through different lenses from all of my group members.

In this discussion, I think I did well with giving evidence that supported my claims. When I shared a theme that I noticed, powerlessness, I listed the page numbers of the places where I saw it most. This showed how much Sedaris mentioned himself being told what to do, something that authors don’t always do, and especially in a biography type of book. Next week, I think I could quote the sentences rather than just listing page numbers. Another thing my group could work would to be more focused and on task, as well as  being prepared for the Lit Circles.

My group and I talked a lot about the character relationships, especially with David and his family. All of the family members sort of flitted in and out of the pages. Sometimes they would be mentioned, and then they would be forgotten for a while until they came up again in a later chapter. The dynamics were of course that of a family, but they had their own quirks. David’s dad, Mr. Sedaris, was a pretty sizeable influence in David’s life. David’s father had a lot of ambition and set many goals for his children reflected off of his passions. I learned form a member in my group that his goals for his children were pretty unconvential compared to those of other dad’s back then. Most of the parents hoped for their kids to become lawyers or doctors or accountants, however David’s father’s one wish was for his kids to create a “Sedaris Band” and be famous, jazz rock stars. We also discussed David’s siblings like Amy, who was mentioned very little, and Gretchen along with Paul. There was a lot of envy surrounding Gretchen from the family which was odd because family members are supposed to support each other, not envy each other. Also, we all agreed that it was very odd and sudden how David mentioned that his mother had died. It led us to think that maybe his mother wasn’t as valuable to him as his father was. These are things that were most talked about in our group and I hope you get a chance to read the book for yourself.


Activity 2 Student Blogging Challenge


Something that my family and I do all a lot is travel. I have been to 19 different countries and 4 continents all across the world. My dad has lived in 4 different continents as well. Some of my favorite countries that I have visited have been Italy, Australia, South Africa, and different places in the United States. The most favorite thing about visiting new countries is seeing the different animals and foods that are local to the area.

What is your favorite thing about traveling?

Final Blog Reflection

Choices that I make while reading is highlighting parts that I find have a important part into making the story more interesting or intense. I like to take notes on what differences and similarities the characters have during the whole book and what writing choices the author makes and how they are good or bad. I like to write me notes in my RRJ or in the actual book. From my notes I think that the most important literary elements are stopping and noticing things that you find personally interesting. When I take notes I tend to notice the things that are interesting to the characters personal story and I think I notice like this because I also have a interesting story behind my character.

A idea that I noticed while reading the book was how Travis can really closely relate to his dad and they can share things that Travis wouldn’t share with anyone else then his dad.

Something that I noticed that was interesting was how the mood in the story was always changing. The book started out with a sad mood, but later in the book in changed and was almost a happy and fun mood. On the first page of the book the mood immediately starts out with a sad and suspenseful story. Also on page 109 is when you really start to see the mood changing when Travis and his dad have a fun time alone just the two of them.

I think my theory can really relate to the human nature. My theory was about how a son and a father can have a better relationship just my being alone and not getting interrupted by anything. This can easily relate to real life because most people have had the same experience with someone not just their parents.

I would rate this book a 6 because the story never really resolved and it was really repetitive throughout the book. The book was also not very interesting to me.

Good Bye Travis

Noggin, John Corey Whaley, Ch. 3 – Ch. 5, Pages 23 – 47

I read about how Travis went to meet Kyle and how Kyle wasn’t really that excited about meeting Travis for the first time in five years, but on the other hand Travis was really excited to finally be meeting Kyle. Travis also talked about how Jeremy’s body is so much better than his old body.

Will Travis find Cate?

When will he find Cate?

Where are Travis’ old friends?

How is Travis going to handle this in the long run?